The Heart of Color: Coloring your life HEALTHY and HAPPY!


Are you ready to finally find your Authentic Self? Have you reached the point in your life where you’re ready to know WHO ARE and WHY YOU’RE HERE?! Well, you have ended up at this exact spot for a VERY SPECIFIC REASON…to find JUST THAT…YOUR TRUE LIFE PURPOSE! Hi! I’m Shirl Rhoades and I’m here to help you color your life HEALTHY and HAPPY with very specific methods and tools! You have all that you need to create the life that you truly want to live….I’m here to help guide your brushstrokes on the canvas called LIFE! I  can also supply you with the “right brush for you!” Let’s enter that magical and sacred space together and create that beautiful masterpiece that you set out to create when you were born. The world is waiting for your mark, your brushstroke! I can help you! Let me help you color your life HEALTHY and HAPPY! Come on!


Coloring your Life HEALTHY and HAPPY!